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HART Parklane Fertility was founded by Dr Herman Netshidzivhani in 1997. His successor and wife, Dr Birgit Bothner continued operations of the clinic and joined hands with Dr Klaus Wiswedel who established the very first fertility clinic in South Africa. HART Parklane Fertility Clinic is a state of the art clinic operating from the Netcare Hospital 12 Netcare Park Lane Hospital, 14 Cnr Junction Avenue & Park Lane Parktown, Johannesburg. Our clinic caters for the growing demand for excellent fertility treatments. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams of starting a family, and building a future. We achieve this through patient-tailored analysis and treatments ensuring the best possible outcome. Contact HART Parklane Fertility Clinic today to find out more about how we can help you.

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“Your service and team are amazing! The doctors and nurses are efficient and wonderful at their jobs! The after-care is fantastic too. Thank you for making this a great experience for me.”

“Thank you very much for the most amazing experience with your clinic & the HART team. I am very happy with everything and every step of the journey so far. The staff were so welcoming and friendly, you all made me feel so comfortable and calm. The transfer was a beautiful and surreal experience, everything was explained clearly, and the clinic is just beautiful. I had a great experience and I am very grateful.”

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IVF treatment side effects vary from patient to patient. However, reactions to medications may include skin irritation at the injection site, abdominal bloating, headaches, breast tenderness, and nausea.

The length of time varies according to both your individual protocol (decided by your doctor) and your individual response. In general you need stimulation injections for 10 to12 days.

We normally recommend 1 or 2 normal periods before a second cycle. This allows your body (especially your ovaries) to return to normal, and the team to assess your previous cycle to see if anything needs to be done differently the next time around.

No, unfortunately not. It is our standard practise to transfer 2 embryo’s. This increases your chance of having twins by 20% but does not guarantee it.

No, the chance of falling pregnant with IVF is very much age dependant. In women below the age of 35 years the success is close to 50% per attempt, but it then drops rapidly and women of 42 years has less than 10% chance of falling pregnant with her own eggs. A woman that uses donor eggs will have 60%-70% chance per attempt.

  • It’s more or less the same as IVF.
  • An age of 20 years the success is 40%.
  • An age of 30 years the success is 25% -30%.
  • An age of 40 years the success is 10%-15%.
  • Abdominal myomectomy: four to six weeks
  • Laparoscopic myomectomy: two to four weeks
  • Hysteroscopic myomectomy: two to three days

We treat patients up to the age of 55 years, with the use of an egg donor, as indicated.

It takes four to three weeks to complete a cycle.

Yes, all couples, regardless of their HIV status, are treated at our clinic.

Together with your doctor, a decision will be made as to how many embryo’s will be implanted. One’s age and health status are taken into consideration.

At the moment we don’t do sex selection.

Your pregnancy test is done 10 – 12 days after embryo transfer. A blood sample is taken for testing and results are usually ready within 4 – 6 hours.




Parklane Fertility Clinic
Parklane Fertility ClinicWed, May 25th, 2022 at 9:01am
What documents do you need to apply at the High Court?

Getting all your documents together to apply for something as life-changing as surrogacy can feel like an overwhelming administrative task.

We’ve listed the documents that you will need to submit to the High Court:

- A medical report
- A psychological report
- A social worker’s report
- A written surrogate motherhood agreement entered into between the commission parent/s and the proposed surrogate.

These provide the High Court with the necessary information that they need to make their assessment.

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